This is Abbie owner of Paisley Rose Beauty. Welcome to my blog Pout is Mandatory, where I discuss everything lips. From the "love love" relationship I have with my lips to lip care; products, routine, aging etc.

Growing up, I hated my full lips. All through high school, I was teased for lips, I thought my lips were fat and ugly. 

Not any more baby! I absolutely love my lips. They are full, soft and my best feature actually. I'm a grown woman, a wife and a  mother, people's perception of my body parts don't bug me. I feel happy, confident and sexy about my lips. I think it's safe to say I'm sort of obsessed with them. 

I've learnt that just like keeping every other skin healthy as you age, lip care is just as important. In my next write up, we'll talk about lip care, routine and products.